Curly Kids Eco Shield

Here at Curly Kids OOSH, we understand the importance of a healthy ecosystem. We recognise our responsibility as the upcoming generation and are taking an active part in protecting and improving our environment. We love using recycled products for our weekly craft and ensure we are using the most eco-friendly supplies in the kitchen, garden and all of our learning spaces. 

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Sustainability journal

We love having fun at OOSH and always have plenty of great activities planned but while it's fun for us we need to make sure its fun for the environment as well!
Welcome to our sustainability journal. Here you can keep up to date with all the cool ways we care for the environment.
We started this journey with a group of girls wanting to do more for our beautiful earth. They combined a group of students at Curly Kids OOSH and became "Eco Shield". Eco Shield meetings are done every Thursday at 4:00pm. The group collaborate together discussing important changes that we can make as a centre to be more sustainable. We have made changes to our centre from the groups findings & continue to make more!
Welcome to our journey.


At Curly kids OOSH we chose to reduce our use of plastic, harsh chemicals and single use items. 


We love creating. Every day we have a new and exciting craft activity programmed for us. We love giving new life to recycled products such as milk cartons, egg cartons, old books, magazines and recycled fabrics.


All of our food scraps from the kitchen go into the compost bin where they can become fresh healthy soil for our veggie garden, this reduces our need for chemical fertilisers and our landfill waste. 

Projects We love to help the community when ever we can. Working on long term projects that can be donated to the community or auctioned is a great way to get the most out of weekly craft sessions. 

Curly Kids Eco Shield

The Eco Shield is made up of Curly kids most dedicated environmental helpers. We have weekly meetings to discuss our latest ideas and document our work. We work on the garden and love to make our own movies as well to inform our fellow students of our work and the ways they can help.


Here at Curly Kids OOSH, we're always working on something. Our focus for term 2, 2020 was to incorporate our passion for helping the environment into our community program. Our usual projects involve fundraisers, raffles and social events but with Covid 19 in mind our opportunities were limited, however this didn't stop us! The educators kick started our project by collecting rushing around the school, park, beach and local shops. We sorted the collected rubbish and made sure everything was recycled appropriately. Our educators  documented this work and reported back to the children to show them how much rubbish ends up in our beautiful environment and the catastrophic impact this has on the wildlife and ecosystem. We learned about the extremely slow breakdown of common plastics and the children enjoyed researching alternates to the plastic they usually find in their lunchboxes, and informing their family and school friends. At the end of the week, we had an excursion for the children. We accompanied them to the beach and helped them pick up lots of rubbish.They loved getting involved and receiving many thanks from community members who appreciated our hand work. After a tiring afternoon running around the beach, collecting rubbish the children were rewarded with a refreshing treat. Putting our research to practice, we decided to buy a tub of ice cream so that the plastic container could be recycled rather then throwing away lots of single use wrappers.